Essentials for Vintage Inspired Hair!

I first started dabbling in vintage inspired hairstyles about six years ago when I started pinup modeling.  I fell in love with the hairstyles of the past, wanting to mimic the beautiful hair of Rita Hayworth, Judy Garland, and Lauren Bacall. It’s been six  years of hard work, dedication, and patience on perfecting my look!  Here’s some tips and tricks I learned along the way!

wp-1469061155639.jpgPhoto by Rest Easy Photography:
I remember the first time I tried doing victory rolls on my cabesa.  It was a nightmare!  My hair was falling out every time I tried picking it up and rolling it, it was frizzy, and there were little tiny hairs sticking out no matter how much hairspray I put on it.  I found that one essential thing that helped me was watching YouTube videos on how to do such a style.  That’s when I started gradually discovering that the styles I admired of past Hollywood sirens were actually quite attainable.

YouTube is a great resource for any beginner!  I first subscribed and followed Lisa Freemont Street, Pinup Doll Ashley Marie, and Cherry Dollface because I really loved their techniques and ideas on how to perfect vintage styled hair.  I fell in LOVE with Lisa Freemont’s technique and precision.  I admired Ashley Marie’s patience and steady hand, and I wanted Cherry Dollface’s ability to create vintage styled hair with a modern twist!  These ladies all had different techniques that I still hold as essential routines for my own pinup style and hairdos.

lisafreemontPhoto of one of Lisa Freemont Street’s YouTube Videos, courtesy of

There are a combination of different things these girls all had in common, several things that I found I needed to do to get my very own style and technique down.  Here’s what I learned:

  • Pin-curling your hair is the best way to get a vintage do to cooperate!
  • A light pomade will help to tame fly-aways.
  • Find a hairspray that is easy to brush through without leaving behind residue and works with your hair.
  • Be patient when doing these styles; taking plenty of time to do them is key.

Now these things were not so easy to overcome; my pin curls were definitely wonky the first time I tried to do so, several pomades I tried were too sticky and hard to work with, and hairsprays always managed to leave behind white flakes when I brushed through my hair.  I grew impatient and annoyed whenever my hair wouldn’t cooperate, and I needed more than an hour to do my hair sometimes.

PRACTICE is what made these things a lot easier to do and perfect.  I had to find out which products worked with my hair by testing them all out and finding my go-to items.  Of course, every hair texture and hair type is different.  We can get recommendations from all kinds of hairstylists, but finding what works for you is key to creating the perfect vintage ‘do.

Now my hair type is thick and fine; my hair is frizzy and wavy, and can really only be worn in its natural form by putting a LOT of gel and hairspray in my hair!  For my pinup styled looks, here are some of the items I find work for me:

  1. Treseme Tres Two Extra Hold Hairspray
  2. Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Hairspray
  3. Suavecita Pomade
  4. Lottabody Setting Lotion

These are the three items that I have found are key to acquiring easy manageable hair, no-frizz pin curls, and a smooth finish.  I will be sharing some product reviews of these items on this blog in future posts as well! Again, I recommend you try out different products so that you find what works for you.  I will have links to these products down below!

Pin-curling your hair is I think the MOST IMPORTANT key to acquiring the vintage style the easiest and most effective way.  If you need to see how these pin curls are done, you can look up the technique on YouTube!  I also can post my own techniques on this blog by request! I’m here for whatever inquiries you have in regards to vintage and pinup style, just let me know what you want to learn!

I will be posting up various tutorials and techniques on this blog, so be sure to stay tuned on Gussied Up and Gorgeous!  Also, if there is a particular style you are needing advice on or want to know how I do that style, please comment below and make a suggestion!  I have put up a couple of YouTube tutorials myself under my channel in case you ever wanted to see how I’ve come to perfect my own style.  Check it out by searching for Miss MozzyDee on YouTube:


Photo of one of Miss MozzyDee’s YouTube Videos, courtesy of

Thank you so much for reading my blog, and I look forward to posting up more tips and tricks to acquire vintage-styled looks! And remember…

“Rock those curves, girls!”

Miss MozzyDee


Products recommended:

Lottabody Setting Lotion:

Treseme Tres Two Extra Hold Hairspray:

Suavecita Hair Pomade:

Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Hairspray:



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