YouTube Pinup Hair Tutorial Review- Cherry Dollface’s Half Poodle!

As you all know,  I’m a huge fan of YouTube hair tutorials, especially when I want to try new styles I’ve never done before. I just recently experimented with a new hairstyle,  the half poodle, following a fast hair tutorial filmed by Cherry Dollface! Here’s my take on the video, the style,  and my look!

Cherry Dollface has been a YouTube tutorial connoisseur for quite some time,  and I’ve been die-hard fan of her work for awhile! I had the privilege of being one of her hair models when she stopped in Albuquerque on her vintage hairstyling class tour at 66 Pin-Ups, and man, can that girl do magic! She’s one of the best vintage hairstylists around,  and her YouTube hair tutorials are some of the easiest to follow!

I stumbled upon the FAST Half Poodle Hair Tutorial on her channel recently,  and I found that I loved the way it was filmed. I like that the process was fast forwarded to get straight into the styling.  Being a vintage hairstyle veteran myself,  I prefer something like this. However,  if you need a step-by-step video that is at normal speed, I’d recommend looking at her other videos to watch her techniques closely and efficiently.

Photo courtesy of YouTube, via Cherry Dollface’s Channel.

Now, I’ve done the poodle hairstyle before,  but this method that she teaches is a little different than what I’m used to. This video really emphasized the teased aspect of the style. I usually don’t tease out the curls as much, leaving a more curled and slick look to my style:

This time around, however,  I found that in order to achieve the “half-poodle” version, I did need to tease the HECK out of my hair in order to create volume and make sure the style stayed in place! Plus, my hair wasn’t thick enough to get a lot of curls on top of my hair and at the bottom without it looking flat.

I also found that using a very thin,  black hair net (you can find hair nets at Sally’s Beauty Supply) over the top portion of my hair really maintained the shape of the top section. It also didn’t fall out in the wind! So on a windy day, I highly recommend using one to secure the ‘do.

Overall I LOVE the video, the techniques, and the directions that Cherry gives in this hair tutorial. I highly recommend watching the video on YouTube at to see if you can achieve this look! It’s very easy to follow and dives right into the hairstyling! Give it a go, try it out, and let me know what you thought about the video and the style!
Thank you for reading!♡ And remember…


                         Miss MozzyDee 


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