I’m Fat, Phat, and Fabulous! So there.

This may come as a shocking and unorthodox statement, but yes, I AM FAT, PHAT, AND FABULOUS! Some may find that the plus-size movement for body positivism has become redundant and repetitive. But you know what?  I don’t care how tiring it gets, I’m going to keep sharing my beliefs that everyone is beautiful no matter what the size until everyone LISTENS. SO THERE.


Photos taken by The Estrada Experience: http://www.facebook.com/TheEstradaExperience

Why do I have to keep repeating myself?  Why do I find that I need to constantly remind myself that I am beautiful even if I’m a size 16?  Because despite the efforts of many plus-size and body confidence promoters, there is still a lot of hate in the world directed toward women because of their size.

And this is not only for us plus girls, but any body-type in general.  When did anyone become an expert on what is considered gorgeous?  When did fashion industries, clothing labels, magazines, media in general all become the authoritative figure when it comes to the “ideal body-type”?

Great strides have been made in the direction of beauty equality for all when it comes to modeling and fashion.  Tess Munster (www.tessmunster.highwire.com) was the first ever size 22 model to acquire a modeling contract with a high-end modeling agency, Milk Model Management!  Ashley Graham (www.ashleygraham.com) was the first ever plus-size swimsuit model to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated Magazine!  Ashley Nell Tipton (www.ashleynelltipton.com) was the first plus-size fashion designer to win Project Runway!  There have been many great accomplishments made in these past couple of years that make me proud to say I’m a plus-size woman.


Photo of Ashley Nell Tipton courtesy of http://www.ashleynelltipton.com/about.

I have always felt confident in my skin and have accepted my body for what it is- a fat, cellulite and stretch-mark encompassed cushion of yumminess!  Yes, I feel that my body’s “imperfections” should be regarded as unique qualities that no one else has.  My birthmark that runs from my inner right thigh all the way up to my lower back is a map of characteristics that only I have.  That goes for my overall body shape too, and I know that now as time has progressed, stretch marks have expanded, weight has been added on, and wrinkles have set in with age.

How did I acquire the acceptance of myself and for my own body? I learned to embrace what was given to me.  Believe me, it has taken YEARS for this to happen.  I had a really messed up view of my own body all the way back into my high school years, when I was merely a size 10!  I hated my hips, thighs, butt, and boobs.  Yes, I hated those things because my ideal of beauty was already molded for me via movies, TV, and advertising.  I wanted to be a flat-chested, skinny replica of the stars of the 90s and 2000’s. But my body was NOT having it!  My boobs grew, my butt grew, EVERYTHING grew.  And like any other teenager growing up with impossible body ideals, I hated my body.

It takes a lot of work to love yourself.  I know because I have been through my own self doubt along with the criticism of others.  Every woman knows what I have gone through, because it STILL HAPPENS.  I am only human.  I STILL get hurt when someone is utterly horrible to me because of my appearance.  Oh, I don’t get hurt as often anymore… But there are certain things that seem to sneak into my subconscious and work up my emotions from time to time.  It happens to us ALL.


Photo taken by The Estrada Experience: http://www.faceboook.com/TheEstradaExperience

I have come to realize that I am my own worst enemy- I have to pick myself up and move on.  I have to do the work MYSELF, and continue on my journey on self-realization and acceptance.  This is the key for ANYONE struggling with their own body issues- YOU HAVE TO WORK AT LOVING YOURSELF.  If you don’t put in the work yourself, nothing will be accomplished.

So as the plus-size movement, body-positive movement, accept-all-bodies movement, EVERY-WOMAN-IS-BEAUTIFUL movement trudges on, I will trudge along with it.  I will ALWAYS promote body confidence.  I will ALWAYS love my body, whether or not someone approves of my weight, whether or not someone believes I’m promoting an “unhealthy lfiestyle”, whether or not I am cropped out of a picture because I am the “fat one”.  I will help others in the journey of “self-critical freedom” until society can finally accept us for who we are.  That journey, though strides have been made ten-fold, still continues today, and I will be a part of it.  Join me in the crusade of body-acceptance for all.  Love yourself, love one another, and ROCK THOSE CURVES, GIRLS!!!” ❤

Miss MozzyDee



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