Lil’ Lou Lou: Vintage and Pinup Inspired Clothing and Accessories for All!

Miss MozzyDee is proud to be a Lou Lou Doll!


Photo by @jennifurball77 on IG, edited by @betablinx85 for Lil’ Lou Lou. The Dolores Dress in April Moon Aqua available at

Lil’ Lou Lou, an independently owned and created company by Lily Duenas, has been one of the BEST clothing companies I have modeled for!   I am one lucky girl to be able to model  for such an eclectic and exciting brand of vintage-inspired clothing and accessories that accommodates adults and children of all sizes!

It happened by chance that Lil’ Lou Lou was looking for plus-size representation when I became the March Dirty Girl of Dirty Rotten Rides, an online kustom -kulture website and clothing line that I still hold dear to my heart (  It was the jump-start of my pinup modeling career, and I had the privilege to represent the company as a pinup trophy girl at the Irwindale Speedway in California (!  There, I met my dear friend, fellow Dirty Girl, and now fellow Lou Lou Doll, Lucy O’Doll.  She was the one who recommended me to the clothing line, and from there my affiliation with Lil’ Lou Lou took off!  I will never forget what my friend Lucy did for me that day!


Photo by @jennifurball77 on IG, edited by @betablinx85 for Lil’ Lou Lou. Boogie Woogie Skirt available on the Lil’ Lou Lou website- COMING SOON!

Lil’ Lou Lou has a wonderful selection of skirts, dresses, accessories for any aspiring pinup or woman of vintage-style from sizes XXS-3X!  Not only does the brand have great women’s clothing, they also have cute little shirts, skirts, and more for children as well!  I have had the privilege of browsing through these wonderful items in person, and they are SO CUTE!!!  It makes me want to have children of my own just so I can dress them up with a Lil’ Lou Lou wardrobe of their own!  The design and make of each piece is FANTASTIC.

I would have to say my FAVORITE LIL’ LOU LOU design of all time is the JIVIN’ SKIRT!  I fell in love with the style and make of this skirt, and girls… IT HAS POCKETS!!! These pockets are big too, and can easily hold a wallet or cell phone without anyone even noticing what you are carrying.  I am usually a 2X in most types of clothing, and the 2X fits my 38″ waist comfortably without feeling like the life is being sucked out of me in tightness!  LOL!  This skirt is beautiful too, and has a lot of swinging and swaying material, which makes you look like you’re a modern-day princess!  I have about four of them now, and every time I wear one of these skirts, I always get compliments everywhere I go!  Lil’ Lou Lou has all kinds of patterns and colors to choose from on the online website at!


Photo by @jennifurball77 on IG, edited by @betablinx85 for Lil’ Lou Lou. The Haunted Wallpaper Jivin’ Skirt can be found at

Lil’ Lou Lou has had the opportunity to vend their wonderful creations every year at the biggest car show and rockabilly extravaganza, Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend!  I have been a part of the Lil’ Lou Lou team during the VLV car show for the past couple of years now, representing the company as a Lou Lou Doll with my friends Candi La Donna and Vintage Roze.  We pass out fliers for the Lil’ Lou Lou booth and greet fans from all over the world every year, and I can’t wait for next year already!  I have a blast every time I get to walk around the car show in my Lou Lou Doll outfits, having the time of my life representing the company and hanging out with my girlfriends while modeling the styles that Lil’ Lou Lou has to offer!  Be sure to visit the booth if you are at the Viva Las Vegas car show next year, and I will be sure to give you a great big hug!

I have been truly blessed to be able to be a part of this company.  I have made life-long friends ever since I joined the team as a Lou Lou Doll, and I know that these wonderful ladies that represent the company will be in my life forever!  The girls who make up the team of Lou Lou Dolls – Candi La Donna, Vintage Roze, Lucy O’Doll, Pinup Little Bit, and the owner Lily Duenas- have all been very wonderful and great friends to me that I know will be life-long sisters of mine!  I’m PROUD to say that I will be a Lou Lou Doll for life!


Photo by @jennifurball77 on IG, edited by @betablinx85 for Lil’ Lou Lou. The Dolores Dress in April Moon Aqua available at

Check out all the great products Lil’ Lou Lou has to offer at!!!

Miss MozzyDee ❤


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