Rising of the Rods- The Miss Grassroots Pinup Contest

This past weekend was one of the best experiences of my life!  I got to travel to San Bernardino, California for the Rising of the Rods, a kustom kulture event held by Carly Deville and Sled Life Productions!  Voted in by friends, fans, and family as a Top 12 Contestant for the Miss Grassroots Pinup Contest, I got to participate in an event that I will never forget!

rotrtimhunterphotography5Photo of the Miss Grassroots Pinup Contestants, courtesy of Tim Hunter Photography: http://www.facebook.com/TimHunterPhotography

I really was taken by surprise when I found out that I was a finalist for the contest just a month before the contest took place this past weekend on October 8th.  I literally was jumping up and down and screaming with excitement when I found out!  I couldn’t believe that I had been voted in by the public to be one of the finalists amoungst dozens of contestants.  I am always taken aback at the amount of encouragement and support I receive, and it’s a very humbling experience.

I was given the opportunity to attend the Rising of the Rods, one of the biggest kustom kulture events of the season run by the infamous Carly Deville!  She has been putting on events like this for awhile now, and you can tell by the way the event was run that this was an experience you’d never forget!  It was a fun and family-friendly event that let you camp inside the venue itself, walk around to take it the beautiful cars and scenery, and relax and have fun with your friends.  I had a blast getting to see all my friends that live in California that I get to only see once or twice a year.

rotrtsmphotography1Photo of the Miss Grassroots Pinup Contestants by TSM Photography: http://www.facebook.com/TSMPhotography
rotrtsmphotographyPhoto of Me, Vintage Roze, and Candi La Donna by TSM Photography: http://www.facebook.com/TSMPhotography

Being in the Miss Grassroots Pinup Contest was an amazing experience.  I am blessed to say that I have not experienced one bad pinup contest when I come to California to compete in one of Miss Carly Deville’s events!  The last time I competed in a pinup contest in California was at Port Nationals, another one of Carly’s events that I will cherish. Both pinup contests were fun, and I got to make a lot more friends!  I finally met the girls that I had been Facebook friends with for years this past weekend, and I did not have one bad experience with cattiness or competitiveness.

rotrtimhunterphotography1Photo of the Miss Grassroots Pinup Contestants, courtesy of Tim Hunter Photography: http://www.facebook.com/TimHunterPhotography

I got to stay in a hotel room with Candi La Donna, and the day of the competition started at 6am to prepare and get ready!  We had our hair done by the wonderful vintage hairstylist Christina Villa (www.instagram.com/xtinavilla), and we got ready in our outfits for the day.  My gorgeous black and white arrow Wanda Dress and Mexicali hair flowers were provided by Lil’ Lou Lou, the independently owned company out of Riverside, California that I proudly represent and model for (www.lil-lou-lou.com).  My boots were donated to me by Judith O’Reilly and my jewelry were gifts from my love-bug Tom Sanderson.

rotrtimhunterphotography4Photo courtesy of Tim Hunter Photography: http://www.facebook.com/TimHunterPhotography

I am truly one blessed woman, and I am proud to say that I got to represent all the Chicanas and plus-size women that aspire to follow their dreams!  I have the support of my family, friends, co-workers, and fans to be able to do pinup contests, model, sing, and act, and I couldn’t do it without them!

Once you find your niches, your aspirations, and gain the confidence you need to follow through with the goals you have, it really inspires others to do the same.  This is why I did the Miss Grassroots Pinup Contest.  THIS is why I am going to run for the fourth time for the Miss Viva Las Vegas Pinup Contest (www.vivalasvegas.net/pin-up-contest)!!!  It’s not about winning a title or being the best at what you do, it’s being an INSPIRATION to those who want to do the same things, follow the same dream.  I hope that my experiences and my ability to tell you all about them help you in discovering your dreams and accomplishing them!

rotrtimhunterphotography2Photo of courtesy of Tim Hunter Photography: http://www.facebook.com/TimHunterPhotography

Thank you for reading! ❤

Miss MozzyDee ❤


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